Android app icon for Garner's Modern English Usage, made to look like a red book with a bright blue 'G' on the cover and a white bookmark.

Garner’s Modern English Usage Android

  • Launched: February 2017
3 screenshots of the Garner's Modern English Usage app. First shows the navigation drawer open, second shows the main browsing mode, and third shows a quiz.

I was approached by Lachina (a former employer) in 2016 to develop the Android version of Garner’s Modern English Usage, a sort of dictionary for word usage. It is a fully featured digital version of the print resource, with the addition of quizzes and a way to bookmark favorite entries.

The iOS app had been developed separately, so this version was built as a native Android application in Java (this was before Kotlin was available) utilizing an SQLite database.

View on the Google Play store.